From An Operator To An Expert

We believe that every equipment operator deserves an opportunity to be their very best. Most equipment operators don’t work for a paycheck, but operate machinery because it's something they love to do. They want to be great, but often lack the dedicated training, coaching and mentoring required to get to the next level. Our world-class clients recognize this and invest the effort needed to get their operators from average to expert.

The Secrets to a
Successful Operation

Learn exactly how you can begin improving your operation today. The case studies below detail the steps taken to significantly increase production at two of the world’s largest mines.

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Effective Training on Your Entire Fleet

With so many makes and models of machinery, it can be overwhelming when it comes time to train on your entire fleet. Brining in separate OEM’s for each make and model can create inconsistencies with training materials and overall training delivery. We help our clients implement standardized training programs across their entire fleet. Our specialists have experience training on every make and model in existence and ensure that your training programs go above and beyond OEM basics.

Nervous Your Operators Don’t Want Training?

There is often a negativity that surrounds training, you only train people who are broke and need fixing right? This perception can cause a level of resistance that can dampen any training effort. Over the years we have recognized this resistance and have structured our training delivery in unique ways to combat any negative responses. Over 65% of the people we train have 10 years of experience operating equipment and in 90+% of cases see improvement after training is completed. Let us show you how to get people excited about your equipment training initiatives.

Time To Give Your Training A Facelift?

If your training content is still living in 1997 and has never been updated to account for new and improved training techniques, it might be time for an upgrade. Re-doing year’s worth of equipment training materials can feel daunting. With so much content, where do you even begin? You can start by downloading an updated template (Download Below) that helps to structure the content more intuitively. You can also delegate all of that work to a third party vendor like Meyvn. We have redesigned equipment training curriculum for some of the largest companies in the world.
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You Don’t Need To Stop Production For Training

There are many ways to train equipment operators that does not slow down or stop production. Learning how to leverage training efforts that work alongside your production is key. Auditing operators in real time and providing in the cab training are two processes, that when done correctly, can show immediate improvements in real time. Outside of green operators who have never operated the machine before, do not waste time with classroom training that often only generates a 5% retention rate. Once your team has the right tools in place, training will be a seamless process that people look forward to.

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