Are You One of the
Best Operators In The World?

Meyvn is always looking for talented consultants to join its team. Interested in seeing the world? Passionate about training on heavy machinery? Know all of the requirements that lead to successful machine performance? Have 10-years experience operating and training on heavy equipment? If you answered YES to each of these questions than scroll down to learn more about our opportunities.

About You

You are one of the best heavy equipment operators around. You have experience operating large-scale heavy equipment including hydraulic or electric shovels, RTDs, dozers, and more.

In addition to being an excellent operator, you have experience teaching others to properly operate the equipment. You are extremely patient teacher, but you aren't afraid to instruct and correct because you desire others to be successful. You have a minimum of 10-years experience and are ready to make some serious $$$.

About the Position

  • This position requires extensive overseas travel. You will travel to mine sites across the world to train and operate heavy equipment on behalf of our world-class clients. Stints range from short (a few weeks) to long (6-12 months).

  • Training consists of identifying shortcomings in current operations and instructing operators in best practices with the goal of increasing mine site efficiency. You will instruct by demonstrating proper procedures.

  • As well as training, you will operate the equipment during high production times and holidays while on site.

  • Due to all of the traveling, this is a very high paying opportunity generating well over six figures annually. We are only looking for expert operators who have established themselves as the best of the best. Our clients hire us to significantly increase their production and improve their sites efficiency. Need to be comfortable working as an expert and posses the skills necessary to positively impact surface mining operations.

  • You may live near Arizona (where we're based) or you may not. Our current specialists are located throughout the US.

  • If you have experience operating and training on the heavy equipment listed above, we'd love to hear from you. We are rapidly growing because of our success and are excited to add more world-class operators/trainers to our team. if that is you, please get in touch.

Apply Now:

Our projects are ever evolving, which means it might take months for us to reach out to you. So hang up your steel toes, sit tight, and know that your resume has been added to our rolodex. We will get in touch when something arises that aligns with your skill set.