Meyvn’s Heavy Equipment
Services Overview

Below is a synopsis of what Meyvn does and how Meyvn does is it. Meyvn has executed more than 30 different equipment projects ranging from 1-week events to multi-year engagements. No matter how big or small the need, Meyvn has the ability to accommodate.

Meyvn’s approach to Heavy Equipment Auditing and Training

The Meyvn difference is that our specialists will operate your equipment to showcase proper techniques. This is much more effective than coaching from the ground or teaching theory in a classroom. Meyvn specialists work side by side with your operators looking for missed opportunities for efficiency.
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Equipment Services

All of the services described below are done with safety at the forefront. Every one of Meyvn’s specialists puts safety above everything else. We conduct safety checklists before every job, we train to only safe procedures and we shut things down when needed.

Operator Audit

A thorough analysis of the chosen operators with detailed reports produced for each. The audit is spread out over 1-2 days totaling 4-6 hours of work. After the audit a training plan is developed for each operator and either executed by an internal trainer or Meyvn representative.

Site Assessment

A thorough review of the operation that identifies opportunities for both safety and productivity improvement. Site assessments include, but are not limited to, haul roads, dispatch, operator performance, equipment prioritization, staging, cross shifting, etc. Meyvn uses close to 50 focal points when completing a site assessment.

Operator Training

Operator training is usually focused around equipment proficiency. Meaning, Meyvn’s specialists are brought in to help train current operators to a higher level of performance. Meyvn also conducts training for green operators to ensure they start operating the machine without any bad habits.

Equipment On-Boarding

Clients hire Meyvn’s team to help on-board, benchmark and train on a new piece of machinery. Meyvn’s team will review the final build of the machine, tram it to the testing grounds, make sure it is operational and then get it acclimated to the operation successfully. During this time period Meyvn will work with management and the operators overseeing its successful integration.

Production Operation

Clients leverage Meyvn’s staff to help supplement equipment operators when production numbers need a boost. Meyvn’s team will operate key production machinery to help reach desired production targets.