Why Meyvn Equipment

In 2014 Meyvn’s specialists achieved 12-months of targeted production on a P&H 4100 in 3-months. The client, a major iron ore company, could not believe it. On average, we generate 25% production improvements with our clients, with some sites seeing production gains of 40%+. So why Meyvn?. Because a Meyvn is an expert, the one who understands, the person you go to for advice. And since every operation needs a fresh set of eyes to come in and assess its performance why go with anyone but a Meyvn?

Our Call to Action

We started our business in 2011 after a request to provide expertise on a new electric shovel going into production in Canada. The request from a friend turned into a global enterprise that has trained hundreds of operators around the world. Our passion for equipment operation, paired with our desire of unlocking human potential is the reason why we commit to the work we do. We have seen first hand the profound impact our equipment training has on safety, production and the lives of those we get the pleasure of working with.

The Challenge

The challenge for our clients is often time related. Either production numbers are behind schedule, the building of a new piece of machinery is delayed, there is a shortage of operators leaving time gaps in the schedule, etc. Or too much time goes by before Meyvn is called to assist with training projects allowing for thousands of missed tons to go into production. Most heavy hauling companies do not have enough time to do all of the things that need to be done. So much time is spent putting out fires, that rarely are pro-active decisions about how to improve the operation going into effect. Meyvn was established to multiply time at construction, mining, cement, aggregate and oil and gas operations. We fill the gaps needed to ensure production opportunities are not missed year in and year out.

The Big Idea

Generate more production tons, improve site safety and build operators skills around operating equipment. The big idea back in 2011 to create a business that increases equipment life, reduces maintenance costs and enhances the overall operation has been a decision we are so thankful for making. With long term partnerships with both OEM manufacturers and major mining and aggregate companies Meyvn has become a go-to resource when it comes to equipment operation. We would love nothing more than to be the experts at your operation as well. Contact us now to discuss how we can best be a resource for you.

We are not in the business of selling parts or maintenance packages, we are in the business of making sure your investment in your equipment is maximized over the life of the machine.

Who doesn’t want to get more production out of their machinery?